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Vitor de Oliveira is widely known for his knowledge in the field of charcuterie and cured hams, being regularly invited to give technical training to producers in the field and even taking care of the entry and presentation of these products at the most famous smokehouse fairs in the country.

And so, from Vinhais to Boticas, going through Montalegre, Melgaço, Mação, and Monchique, a lot of his work has a main mission, the professionalization of the sector and the preservation of the historic, productive, and organoleptic inheritance of endogenous products, making use of local, national and international events, of which he promotes - not only cured hams and charcuterie but also -, dry salted codfish, "Barrosão" stew, "Baixo Vouga Lagoon" rice and the Trás-os-Montes olive oil.

In the field of gastronomy, he is also a mentor in the projects of, and

chef  Vitor de Oliveira

    Widely known for his work investigating and promoting Portuguese and Iberian charcuterie, Vítor de Oliveira - "Bairradino" of heart and soul - began his career as a chef and bussinessman in the restaurant sector in 1994, with the "Chicote" restaurant. There he was known for his bold execution of exotic meat based dishes and in the holding of themed celebrations, which earned him television prominence and national demand.
    Shortly after, his passion for traditional portuguese cuisine was born and he deepened his knowledge of the most typical dishes of our country. His famous "Negalhos" (a traditional dish of goat belly and tripe), managed to win the 2nd national prize in the competition; "Gastronomia Património Nacional", in 1998.
    In 2005, under invitation from one of the best cured ham brands in the world - "Cinco Jotas" - he found the guiding light that would lead him to distinction among his peers, by specializing in the art of cutting cured ham, creating his very own charcuterie brand - "Casa do Presunto" -, and even opening the first school of its' kind: "Academia de Corte". 
    Over the years he has been responsible as executive chef and consultant for several gastronomic projects in Porto, Nazaré and in Coimbra and now, 20 years later, he once again embraces an establishment as his own, opening with his own signature the São Luiz by Chef Vitor de Oliveira located at the very heart of the Douro.