There are places in the world that are quite special... and this is one of them!

With the Douro River as the beginning and end of all the flavors placed on the table, this is the place where the past and future memories of taste collide!

The essence of the land - respected in an almost religious way.

The intensity, the truth and the authenticity of the flavors - presented in an informal and organic way -, have as a backdrop, our traditions, the sharing in a community and the harshness of the territory!

"I have the deepest respect for our gastronomic history, for I believe that the memory of flavors can transport us through time, either to the past or to the future."

Chef Vitor de Oliveira


Here the flavors happen in slow cooking. The black iron pots are forgotten in the fire and the finest pieces of Celtic Rooster, Barrosã Beef, Bísaro Pork, Algarve Octopus and of Dry Salted Cod, of Charcuterie from Trás-os-Montes and Iberia, are all treated with the respect their origin and quality deserve!

This is the place where the oldest memories are remembered once again.

The ingredients - selected one by one - are the result of years of investigation on the territory present in the Iberian Peninsula.

After all, we share the same land, a large portion of our history and, the recipes we have in common get entangled through time!

Chef Vitor de Oliveira 


Most of the horticultural products that we present at the table, have as their origin the orchards of Quinta São Luiz.

It is certain that the land where the finest wines are made, you can also grow the ancestral Ox Heart Tomatoes, the oranges, grapefruits and lemons of the Douro, the almonds and olives from the olive trees, scattered across 125 hectares of walls and terraces as far as the eye can see!

However the proximity to the Douro River by itself is enough motivation to embark on a journey towards the sea, where we can get the flavors which are simultaneously very strong and delicate.  

We are a country with a rich wealth of flavors from the sea and the mountains, and thus I want to provide a journey that begins in high seas, goes upstream in the river and ends in the magnificent Douro hillsides!

Chef Vitor de Oliveira


The enjoyment of timeless flavors takes place indoors and outdoors, either in the cosiness of the alcove, or the earthen and organic tones of our restaurant, or even between vines and orchards in full contact with nature.

However above all this is the joy of sharing, especially whilst under a radiant sun, admiring the unique way the color palette of the endless Douro Valley unfolds as far as the eye can see, this is how you create unforgettable memories!

I was born in the middle of the land and in contact with Nature! I lived between vines and orchards, I tasted the freshness of dew covered oranges that had just been picked, the warm scent of slaughter meats, the smokiness of sausages by the fire and the warmth of festive dishes.
I want to share those experiences, I want to recover those memories!

Chef Vitor de Oliveira


In the Douro, folk wisdom allies itself with the study of the territory and of its agricultural production that used tecniques that were refined over long centuries of history, thus the gastronomic application of the fruits that the land provides, can quite frequently brush itself close to tasting perfection.

It is for that reason, that in a visit to São LUIZ by Chef Vitor de Oliveira, we want palates to be elated, the aromas to surprise, the views to dazzle and to make feelings of pleasure remain in time, turning them also into a part of our history.

"The history of the Douro and the way it is reflected on the local and national gastronomy deeply fascinates me, and so - whenever I can - I travel in search of ancient recipes, local traditions and the memories of the people! These are the narratives that I invite you to get to know and to taste at my table."

Chef Vitor de Oliveira